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Hayward Hockey 10K Puck Challenge

What is 10,000 Pucks?


Hockey Player Shooting Puck

10,000 Pucks is designed to allow players to track their shots 365 days a year. Each year we run a contest to see who can shoot the most pucks - this contest runs May 1st  to  August 31st. Players can begin tracking shots any time, but only shots logged during the contest dates will count toward the contest totals. Our goal with this platform is not simply focused on the quantity of shots, but on the setting and achieving of goals for hockey players. Best of all, 10k Pucks is free for all users.  In addition to just logging shots, players can also get a 100 shot credit for each 30 minutes of stick handling.  We want to encourage players to consistently work on their game each week vs. shooting all of their pucks at the end of a session. As such, look for in-progress prizes for those players that are attaining those benchmarks.  Those that achieve their goals will be included in a raffle drawing for prizes with the rest of their level and recognized on the 10K Puck Board for the following season.  For every 50% over their goal, players will receive an additional entry into the drawing.


Hayward Hockey 10,000 Puck Challenge

How to Create an Account and get started

  1. Click on the appropriate age/level group below

    1. 8U/Mites (2023-2024) -

    2. 10U/Squirts (2023-2024) -

    3. 12U/PeeWee (2023-2024) -

    4. 14U/Bantam (2023-2024) -

    5. Girls HS (2023-2024) -

    6. Boys HS (2023-2024)-


  1. Returning Users – Enter Username & Password.

    1. Click Log In

    2. Click on “10k Pucks” Tab

    3. Select last years profile

    4. Select "Track Shots"

    5. Change the team to this coming year's team name using the information below.

      1. Hayward - 8u/Mites (2023-2024)

      2. Hayward- 10u/Squirts (2023-2024)

      3. Hayward - 12u/PeeWee (2023-2024)

      4. Hayward - 14U/Bantam (2023-2024)

      5. Hayward - Girls HS (2023-2024)

      6. Hayward - Boys HS (2023-2024) 

  1. New Users - Click on “Register New Account” and fill in all the information

  2. At the top of the page in green, you will see this message-“An email has been sent to (the email you entered) with instructions on how to activate your account”

  3. Click on the link in the email and it will take you to HockeyShare website with this message on the top of the page “Your account is ready to use!  Thanks for confirming your account.  You can now log in to your account using your credentials.”

  4. Click on “Click here to log in” and enter your Login information

  5. Repeat Steps b and c

  6. Fill in the Player Profile information

  7. Enter “Hayward”  for Find Your Team Name and choose the team for the level they will be playing at next season from these choices

    1. Hayward - 8u/Mites (2023-2024)

    2. Hayward - 10u/Squirts (2023-2024)

    3. Hayward - 12u/PeeWee (2023-2024)

    4. Hayward - 14U/Bantam (2023-2024)

    5. Hayward Girls HS (2023-2024)

    6. Hayward - Boys HS (2023-2024)

  8. You will see all your information on the next page and you are ready to go.

Start tracking your shots on May 1st!!




1. Guidelines

  • Be honest with yourself

  • You will only improve with practice

  • 8U/Mite — 3,000 shots

  • 10U/Squirt — 6,000 shots

  • 12U/Pee Wee — 8,000 shots

  • 14U/Bantam/BHS/GHS — 10,000 shots

  • Completed/signed sheets submitted by May 31st, 2022 on

  • Use types of shots appropriate for age level Wrist shot, Snap shot, Backhand shot and Slap shot (PW and above only)

  • Incorporate stick handling — 15 minutes of stick handling equals 50 shots

2. Equipment needed

  • Pucks (10 minimum, 25 — 50 is better & faster)

  • Stick (may want to use a smaller stick if shooting in shoes, regular length if on rollerblades) Stick should be cut to sit right below the nose or to the crease in lips with shoes on. - Good for both on ice and off ice

  • Stick handling ball (golf ball or store bought)

  • Smooth shooting surface

  • Net or backstop (a hanging tarp works well)

3. Shooting

  • 24 weeks to reach your goal

  • 8U/Mites — 3000 pucks 

  • 10U/Squirt — 6000 pucks 

  • 12U/Pee Wee — 8000 pucks

  • GHS/BHS/14U/Bantam — 10000 pucks

  • 4. Stick Handling

  • 15 minutes of stick handling = 50 shots

  • Be creative — make an obstacle course, jump on one foot, wear rollerblades

  • Refer to USA Hockey website: or the stations provided in the handout.

  • Drills can be found under the Players tab, then under Youth, then off- ice space.

5. Tips

  • Regular schedule — better to practice for a short time everyday rather than once in awhile

  • Complete challenge with friends — track online at search for Hayward Youth Hockey and challenge with friends and teammates

  • Make a game out of practice

  • Spend extra time on your weakness (backhand)

  • Heap up when shooting — shift your weight


  • Practice for accuracy — use targets (paper plates)

  • Shoot 5% from unusual positions ( wrong or 1 foot, one or both knees, seated, different hand spacing, etc.)

  • Pull the puck to your body and shoot

  • Shot begins with puck at the side of the body and behind back foot

  • Cup the puck

  • Good follow through

  • Shoot HARD !! HAVE FUN!!